Pricing & Delivery

Folks, we’ll be really honest here - we don’t like delivery charges. We love making amazing food  that makes you guys feel good about yourselves. However, to get those meals to you, we have to  put them into trays, seal those trays, put them into sleeves with info labels, then put them all into  a box with a liner and some ice packs and then seal it all up and pay for a courier to get it to you  still in the same condition that it was in when we packed it. And all that costs a LOT of money! So  please understand - we don’t set these charges because we’re greedy - we do it to try to  encourage you to order more each delivery, because that’s cheaper for you, more cost effective  for us, and ultimately better for the planet. 

Value of Order 



Less than £30 

Sorry, until we work out a way of sending small orders that stay at the  right temperature, we just can’t. But we will keep trying!


£5 (that’s less than we pay BTW!) 








£90 and over 



Delivery Info 

We aim to deliver all orders within two working days. If you have a weekly plan, we will aim to  deliver your next order on the same day of the week you received your first order on. All meals will  be delivered frozen - please ensure that they are unpacked and put into a freezer as soon as  possible.  


Almost all our packaging is recyclable. The only single use plastic we use is the film that seals the trays.  Not ideal, and we’re working on a better solution, but it’s a really small amount! The ice packs can  be recycled in the same way as plastic bags, the sprinkle pots in our meals are either made from  bamboo or sugar cane (yes, really!) and are biodegradable, and the wool liners in the boxes we  ship your food in are actually incredibly useful - just visit recycling-ideas/ to see some lovely ideas for using them. (Alex, our CEO, saves his to keep  delicate plants protected in winter.)

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