Build muscle
Protein is king

To build muscle research suggests consuming regular feedings (e.g. 4-7 feeds a day) of protein can support increased muscle mass. For most of us 20 - 40g of protein per feed is enough to promote protein synthesis (the building of muscle tissue).

Our muscle building meals

All meals in this range contain at last 30g of protein to promote protein synthesis and support muscle mass development.

30g+ Protein
Per meal

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Get Lean
Reduce Calorie Intake

To reduce body fat you need to consume a healthy energy deficit for a prolonged period of time. Consuming a calorie deficit of approximately 500kCal a day can support a fat loss of approximately 0.5kg per week.

Our reduced kCal meals

These dishes are all below 600kcal to help contribute to reducing body fat. In order to support muscle mass maintenance whilst reducing body fat we ensure all our meals are also high in protein (more than 20g per meal).

20g+ Protein
Per meal

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Fuel Endurance
Big Carbs, plus protein

To optimise endurance performance carbohydrates become pivotal to fuel and replenish muscle glycogen stores. These dishes are also packed with vitamins and minerals to support energy metabolism and reduction of fatigue.

Our endurance meals

These meals all contain more than 40g of carbohydrates to help optimise glycogen stores. They are all high in B vitamins to support energy metabolism and the reduction of fatigue.

40g+ Carbohydrates
20g+ Protein
Per meal

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Stay Healthy
All the macro and micro nutrients your body needs

All of our meals support recovery after exercise and are designed to support your body’s immune system. If you’re interested in Tweakd meals to support your general wellbeing, then every single meal will be right for you!

Our full range of meals

Every meal we sell contains at least 20g of protein and are carefully balanced to ensure the right blend of macro and micro nutrients to support immune function and general wellness.

Blend of essential Vitamins
20g+ Protein
Per meal

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Tweakd have been supporting me for a few months now and I have noticed a huge change in my training week. I have the meals 3 days per week, and they have made a huge difference to me, and the meals are delicious. I find it really easy to get home from training and pop the meals into the microwave. I am gluten intolerant and not many companies have a good range of meals for me, but Tweakd have a great variety to choose from. The support from the team at Tweakd has been amazing and I highly recommend them.

Suzanna Hext
Paralympic Swimmer

As ready meals go, these knock supermarket offerings into yesterday. Matching juices are excellent too. Perfect as a freezer-handy break from cooking.

Marina O’Loughlin
The Sunday Times

I have really enjoyed my Tweakd meals every week. The food hits my nutritional needs as well as tasting amazing.

Aaron Chalmers
Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Nutrition is vital in creating a healthy body and mind and Tweakd make this so easy. The quality of their food is exceptional and the amount of detail they go to get the right balance for optimum performance is amazing. Tweakd takes all the guess work out so you can simply focus on your training and hitting your goals on and off the pitch.

Ben Jacobs
London Wasps Rugby Player

We tested three Tweakd meals and would describe them as stand-out delicious compared with other frozen meals.

Nick Harris-Fry
Coach Magazine

The level of nourishment with the meals is great and just what I need after training. I am loving the juices, especially the Beet Blast. The meals are really spot on for my needs.

Scott Meenagh
Paralympic Cross-Country Skier

Over the last 5 months, I have been using the Tweakd system in conjunction with my exercise regime. This has enabled me to hit all my targets and more, I’m at my optimum weight with better reflexes, increased strength and higher cognitive function. I would highly recommend Tweakd.

Alex Lynn
Aston Martin Racing Driver

I love everything about Tweakd. The food hits all of my nutritional needs - Tweakd meals are large and filling for the low amount of cals they contain - and they taste amazing!

Mick Conlan
WBO & Olympic Boxer

Absolutely one for the fitness fanatic parents out there. Tweakd tailored your meal plan based on your fitness goals … The food is far from boring and includes tastes from around the world.

Sophia Waterfield
The Sun

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